Discovery Thursday

So while I searching for some new blogs to follow I found a pretty cool book that missed my post yesterday. This story takes place in a futuristic world where diseases are killing of humankind. I am super excited for this because I stumbled across it out of the blue and I can’t wait to go on this wild adventure with Callie into the Zone.



It’s 2027 and the human race is dying. Plants, animals and humans have been infected by spores from space and become part of a vast alien intelligence.

When 16-year-old Callie discovers her little sister Gracie has been infected, she flees with Gracie to the Zone to avoid termination by the ruthless officers of Quarantine. What Callie finds in the Zone will alter her irrevocably, and send her on a journey to the stars and beyond.

The first book in a heart-stopping and suspenseful YA trilogy from award-winning author James Bradley.


Goal for 2017

Good day! This year I have a goal of reading 30+ young adult books, and I have started this by reading the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. So far so good I am almost done with Torment and moving onto the next one.

Which book should I read next after I finish the Fallen Series?